The following is the set of options that may have been ordered with a Candian 1969 Pontiac.  I have omitted Tire options, but if you really need to know something about tires, email me.

Some random observations:

You could only get a rear sway bar (F41) if you ordered the 427/390 engine (L36).
2+2 models could never have side moldings.  
2+2 models by default had a console, but 3-on-the-tree.
Convertible and wagons could have rear defog.
You could order a front rubber mat which eliminated the carpet, and -not- order the rear mat.
No rally cluster is available (US only).
Although hood tachs have been reported, it must have been dealer-installed.
Rear shoulder belts were an option, even in convertibles.
No cruise control on six-cylinder or standard transmission cars.

Some random questions:

Reverb is not an option.  Perhaps it was included with all stereo FM radios?
If you ordered speed warning -and- lamp warning group, is there an instrument cluster with both?
Where was the "Door Ajar" light for Taxi equipment?

(Any item contained in feature groups may be ordered separately)
Appearance Guard Group
    (A) Door Edge Guards
    All 2-Door Models  
    All 4-Door Models    B93
    (B) Color-Keyed Floor Mats, 2 Front,  2 Rear (All Models)      B37
    (C) Visor Vanity Mirror (All Models) D34 D34
For 4-Door Sedans and Hardtops
    Includes A, 8 and C ZP5
For 2-Door Sedans, Coupes and Convertibles
    Includes A, B and C ZP5
For Safari and Safari Deluxe
    Includes A, B and C   ZP5
For Safari Custom and Estate
    Includes B and C   ZP5
Decor Group
    (A) Door and Window Frame Molding B90
    (B) Rear Fender Skirts    T58
    (C) Wheel Covers (All models except Grande Parisienne and Estate Wagon)  PQ1
For Strato-Chief, Laurentian, Safari and Safari Deluxe
    Includes A and C ZQ1
For Parisienne
    Includes B and C ZQ1
For Parisienne
    Includes B and C  ZQ1
For Safari Custom
    Includes C  ZQ1
NOTE: All equipment in this group must not be ordered on Grande Parisienne or Estate Wagon
Operating Convenience Group
    (A) Electric Clock (Standard on Parisienne and Estate Wagon) U35
    (B) LH Outside Remote-Control Rearview Mirror (All Models)  D33
    (C) Rear Window Defroster C50
    All models except convertible and Wagons C50
For Parisienne and Estate Wagon
    Includes B and C ZQ2
All other models
    Includes A, B, and C ZQ2
Power Teams
See Power teams chart for complete engine specifications, model and transmission availability
    300-hp Astro-Flash 350-4 bbl L48
    265-hp Astro-Jet 396-2 bbl  L66
    335-hp Astro-Jet 427-4 bbl LS1
    390-hp Astro-Jet 427-4 bbl -Dual Exhaust L36
Transmissions-See Power Teams chart for availability
Powerglide, V8 models M35
Powerglide, 6 cylinder models  M35
Turbo Hydra -Matic- exc 396 & 427   M40
w/396 & 427 M40
3-Speed HD Must specify LS1, L66, L48 or L36  MC1
4-Speed (Wide-Range)    M20
Axle-Safe-T-Track Rear (Do not specify B02)  G80
Power Assists
Brakes, Power  J50
Brakes-Disc-type, front (15" tires must be specified) J50/J52
Door Lock System, Power:
    2-door models  A93
    4-door models  A93
Seat, Power-6-way control; front seat 
    Not available with 4-speed transmission, bucket seats or Strato-Chief models A42
Steering, Power
Strato-Chief, Safari, Laurentian, Safari Deluxe N40
Parisienne, Safari Custom, 2+2, Grande Parisienne & Estate Wagon N40
Trunk Release (Electric) A90
Windows, Electric
    Not available on Strato-Chief models A31
Window, Electric Tailgate
    2-seat wagons (std in 3-seat) A33
Other Options
Air Cleaner-HD, Dual Stage Element
    Available only on 6-cylinder models
    Not available when automatic level control shock absorbers are ordered  K45
Air Conditioning, Four Season C60
    Includes 63-amp Delcotron, heavy-duty radiator and temperature-controlled radiator fan.  V8 only.
Air Conditioning, Automatic Temperature Control C75
    (C60 must be specified)
Battery, Heavy Duty T60
    66-plate, 70 amp-hr
Belts, Seat and Shoulder: In addition to or replacing standard belts.
Standard Style Shoulder Belts
    Convertible Only -
    2 front AS1
    2 front, 2 rear AS1/AS5
    All models except convertibles
    2 rear AS5
Custom Deluxe Belts
    Seat and Should Belts
    Coupes with bucket seats - 5 seat and 2 shoulder ZK3
    Coupes and Sedans with full-width seats - 6 seat and 2 shoulder  ZK3
Seat Belts Only
    Convertible with bucket seats - 5 seat A39
    Convertible with full-width seat - 6 seat A39
Shoulder Belts Only
    Convertible (requires option A39)
    2 front A85
    2 front, 2 rear A85/AS4
    All models except Convertible (Requires option ZK3)
    2 rear AS4
Carpet, Load Floor
    Safari Custom and Estate Wagon B39
Clock, Electric
    (std. on Grande Parisienne and Estate Wagon) B39
Clutch, Heavy Duty Dual Plate
    Must specify L48, LS1, L36 or L66 MA6
Closed Positive Engine Ventilation
    Heavy Duty KD5
    Rear Window 
    All models except Wagons and Convertibles C50
    Station Wagons and Convertibles C50
Engine Coolant, maximum protection Z45
Exhaust, Dual
    Available only with Optional V-8 engine (std. with Optional L36) N10
Fan, Radiator
    Temperature controlled.  Included when Air Conditioning is ordered K02
Fender Skirts, Rear
     Parisienne Only (Std on 76637-76639) T58
    63 amp Delcotron - w/C60 K85
    Except C60 K85
    42 amp Delcotron.  Not available when Air Conditioning is ordered K79
Glass, Soft Ray Tinted
    All windows A01
    Windshield only A02
Guard, Door Edge
    2-Door models B93
    4-Door models B93
Heater, Engine block K05
Light, monitoring system
    Except station wagons U46
Lighting Group: Includes
    A - Glove Compartment Light
    B - Luggage Compartment Light
    C - Courtesy Lights
    D - Ash Tray Light
    E - Underhood Light
    F - Map Light (on Rear View Mirror)
    G - Combination Warning Lamp: "Low Fuel", "Seat Belt", "Headlamps Left On"
    Strato-Chief - Includes A, B, C, D, E, F and G ZJ9
    Safari - Includes A, C, D, E, F and G ZJ9
    Laurentian - Includes B, C, D, E, F and G ZJ9
    Safari Deluxe and Custom - Includes C, D, E, F and G ZJ9
    Parisienne Sedans and Coupes and 2+2 Coupes - Includes C, D, E, F and G ZJ9
    Grande Parisienne and Safari Estate Wagon - Includes E, F, and G ZJ9
Lock, Rear Compartment
    2 seat wagons only A96
Mats, Heavy Duty Floor
    Strato-Chief, Laurentian, Safari and Safari Deluxe models.
    Replace Carpet
    Front (Do not specify B02, M20) B34
    Rear (Do not specify B02, M20) B35
Mats, Rubber, color-keyed front and rear B37
Mirror, Remote Control - Outside L.H. D33
Mirror, Visor Vanity - Passenger Side D34
Molding, Body Side
    Strato-Chief and Safari only B84
Molding, Door and Window Frame
    Strato-Chief, Laurentian, Safari and Safari-Deluxe B90
Molding, 2-tone paint
    Except Convertibles and Estate Wagons
    Mandatory with 2-tone paint and not recommended on solid colors or sport coupes
    2-Door Models D99
    4-Door Models D99
Molding, Roof Drip
    All Strato-Chief, Safari, Parisienne Sedans and Safari Custom B80
Paint, Two-Tone
Radiator, Heavy Duty
    Included when Air Conditioning is ordered V01
Radio Equipment
    Radios, Pushbutton - With Front Antenna
    AM Radio U63
    AM/FM Radio U69
    AM/FM Stereo Radio U79
    Stereo Tape Player (requires U63 or U69) U57
    Antenna, Rear - Not available on Wagons U73
    Speaker, rear seat (included with U57 or U79) U80
Roof Cover, Vinyl
    For Sedans and Coupes Only
    Black, Parchment, Dark Blue, Dark Fawn or Dark Green C08
Seat, Strato-Back
    Includes center armrest
    Grande Parisienne Sedan and Coupe only A53
Seats, Strato Bucket
    Grande Parisienne Coupe only
    Includes center console and console-mounted control when automatic or 4-spd transmission
    is ordered. A51
Seat Cushion, Extra-Thick Foam
    For Strato-Chief, Safari, Laurentian, and Safari Deluxe models only
    Front B55
Seats, Heavy-Duty
    Strato-Chief, Safari, Laurentian and Safari Deluxe models only
    2-Door sedans A75
    4-Door sedans and wagons A75
    Sedan models only A76
Shock Absorbers, Rear
    Superlift - Special Performance Suspension not available G66
    Superlift - Automatic level control (G66 required, K45 not available) G67
Speed Control, Cruise Master
    V8 engine models only.  Available only when automatic transmission is ordered.
    Not available when automatic level control is ordered. K30
Speed Warning Indicator U15
Steering Wheel, Comfortilt
    Available only when automatic or 4-speed transmission is ordered N33
Suspension, Heavy Duty Front and Rear
    Not available on wagons or when taxi equipment is ordered.
    With 155hp, 250-hp engine F40
    With 265hp, 300hp, 335hp or 390hp engine F40
Suspension, Special Purpose Front and Rear
    Available only when L36 is ordered.  Includes special springs, matching shock absorbers
    special front and rear stabilizers (B02 or G66 must not be specified) F41
Taxi Equipment - Extra Duty
    Strato-Chief and Laurentian 4-Door Sedans only
    For use only with 155-hp or 250-hp engines and 3-speed, Powerglide or Turbo Hydra-Matic
    transmissions.  Not available with air conditioning.  Includes HD front and rear seats, HD
    front and rear floor mats, HD shock absorbers, HD front and rear springs, HD clutch (with
    L6 engine), 42 amp Delcotron, HD radiator when Powerglide transmission is ordered on
    six-cylinder models, dome lamp switches - all doors, open-door warning lamp, 3.07:1
    rear axle ratio (standard), 3.31 (optional), extra-thick brake facings, high temp. brake
    shoes, additional heavy-duty engine components (L6 engine).  Must specify tire option
    Q04 or R51.
    6 cyl. with Standard Transmission B02
    6 cyl. with Automatic Transmission B02
    8 cyl. Models B02
Wheel Covers
    Standard on Grande Parisienne and 2+2 and Estate Wagons P01
Wheel Covers, Simulated Wire
    14" wheels only
    Grande Parisienne, Estate Wagon and 2+2 only N95
    All others N95
Wheels, Rally
    Includes special wheel, hub cap and trim ring
    15" tires must be specified.  Fender skirts must not be specified.
    Grande Parisienne and 2+2 ZJ7
    Strato-Chief, Laurentian and Parisienne models ZJ7
Preservice IJ6