US and Canadian Full Size Pontiac Model Line

1969 Canadian Pontiac Model Line

The Canadian model line begins with the Stato Chief featuring dog dish hubcaps, short tail lights, no side trim, a six-cylinder and three speed manual.  The Laurentian adds body side molding without an insert, thicker seat foam, and a cigarette lighter.  Not until you reach the Parisienne is the base engine a V8 (350 2bbl), which adds passenger side dome light switches, rocker panel mouldings, and a rubber insert on the side moldings.  The Parisienne carries the longer taillights, and all Canadian cars ride on the same 119" wheelbase.  The Grande Parisienne, closest to the US Bonneville, brings the metal grill, rear Endura pad, molded Bonneville door panels, C-pillar identification, trunk trim, and so on.


Strato Chief
75337 Sport Coupe
75369 4-Door Sedan

75537 Sport Coupe
75569 4-Door Sedan

76337 Sport Coupe
76339 Sport Sedan
76369 4-Door Sedan


Strato Chief
75437 Sport Coupe
75469 4-Door Sedan

75637 Sport Coupe
75669 4-Door Sedan

76437 Sport Coupe
76439 Sport Sedan
76467 Convertible
76469 4-Door Sedan

76837 Sport Coupe
76867 Convertible

Grande Parisienne
76637 Sport Coupe
76639 Sport Sedan


75336 4-Door 2-Seat


75436 4-Door 2-Seat

Safari Deluxe
75636 4-Door 2-Seat
75646 4-Door 3-Seat

Safari Custom
76436 4-Door 2-Seat
76446 4-Door 3-Seat

Safari Estate Wagon
76636 4-Door 2-Seat
76646 4-Door 3-Seat

1969 US Pontiac Model Line

The US model line opens with the Catalina, which is 122 inch wheelbase, short rear overhand, shorter tail lights, dog dish hubcaps and plastic grill.  Plain cloth seat pattern (vinyl in the convertible) and plain door panels.  Base motor was the 400 with a 2.73 axle.

The Ventura option adds the nameplate, pleated vinyl seats, fancier door panels with wood trim and a lower carpet section.  The Executive stretches the wheelbase to 125 inches (all in the trunk, not the rear seat).  Adds the Decor group with clock, deluxe steering wheel, drop moldings, etc and the same interior as the Ventura.  Wagon models feature exterior woodgrain.

The Bonnevile brings a chrome grill, rear Endura bumper, ribber rocker trim.  Molded door panels, front center arm rest, fancier vinyl seat pattern.  428 standard later in the year.  No woodgrain on the wagon.

The Brougham added fancier cloth seats (or real gold or black leather in the Brougham Convertible), power windows, and C-pillar badging.

All wagons were built on the shorter 122" wheelbase.

If I understand the US model line correctly, the Ventura is merely a trim option package on the Catalina model, and as such did not have its own distinct model codes (in the same fashion that the Brougham is a Bonneville package).

25236 4-Door Station Wagon - 2 Seat
25237 2-Door Hardtop Coupe
25239 4-Door Hardtop Sedan
25246 4-Door Station Wagon - 3 Seat
25267 2-Door Convertible Coupe
25269 4-Door Pillar Sedan

25636 4-Door Station Wagon - 2 Seat
25637 2-Door Hardtop Coupe
25639 4-Door Hardtop Sedan
25646 4-Door Station Wagon - 3 Seat
25669 4-Door Pillar Sedan

26237 2-Door Hardtop Coupe
26239 4-Door Hardtop Sedan
26246 4-Door Station Wagon - 3 Seat
26267 2-Door Convertible Coupe
26269 4-Door Pillar Sedan

1969 US Pontiac Production Numbers

4-Door Sedan: 84,590 
2-Door Hardtop: 84,006 
4-Door Hardtop: 38,819 
2-Door Convertible: 5,436 
4-Door Wagon: 20,352 
9-Passenger Wagon: 13,393 
Number Produced: 246,596 

4-Door Sedan: 14,831 
2-Door Hardtop: 4,492 
4-Door Hardtop: 6,522 
4-Door Wagon: 6,411 
9-Passenger Wagon: 6,805 
Number Produced: 39,061 

4-Door Sedan: 4,859 
2-Door Hardtop: 27,773 
4-Door Hardtop: 50,817 
2-Door Convertible: 5,438 
9-Passenger Wagon: 7,428 
Number Produced: 96,315