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1969 Pontiac Exterior Colors

Please note that the following color samples are rank approximations.  Don't color match your Concourse restoration using them :-)  The "Dave's Sample" column shows the color as scanned from my 30-year old color samples.  The "HTML Code" column indicates the color as depicted on various other Chevrolet restoration web sites. "Dave's Samples" are (c) 2001,  please do not duplicate.  Feel free to link to this page, however, not to the images directly.

The Canadian parts catalog lists the following two colors that I have not located: Alpine Blue and Cameo Ivory.  It's possible that Alpine Blue in Canada is the US version of Windward Blue.  The Canadian catalog lists "Cameo White" and "Cameo Ivory" under different part numbers.

Exterior Paint Colors
Code Dave's Sample HTML Code Canadian Color Name US Color Name
10   Starlight Black Starlight Black
40   Mayfair Maize Mayfair Maize
50   Cameo White Cameo White
51   Liberty Blue Liberty Blue
52   Matador Red Matador Red
53   Warwick Blue Warwick Blue
55   Crystal Turquoise Crystal Turquoise
57   Midnight Green Midnight Green
59   Limelight Green Limelight Green
61   Expresso Brown Expresso Brown
63   Champagne Champagne
65   Antique Gold Antique Gold
67   Burgundy Burgundy
69   Palladium Silver Palladium Silver
72   N/A Carousel Red **
73   Verdoro Green Verdoro Green
76   N/A Goldenrod Yellow**
87   N/A
(Unless this is "Alpine Blue")
Windward Blue**
** (Firebird color, available on "other series" by special order, presumably only in the US)


Convertible and Vinyl
Top Color Codes
A   Ivory White
B   Black
C   Dark Blue
E   Parchment
I   Dark Green