1969 Pontiac Options Catalog (US)

This catalog lists the various options available for the entire Pontiac model line.  At appears that all of the option codes are identical between the US and Canadian line, but option availability differs.

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Front Cover

Table of Contents

Page 1- Option Groups

Page 2 - Decor Groups

Page 3 - Decor Groups (con't)

Page 4 - Tempest Decor Group Part1

Page 5 - Tempest Decor Group Part2

Page 6 - Air Conditioning Part1

Page 7 - Air Conditioning Part2

Page 8 - Air Conditioning Types

Page 9 - Air Conditioning Inst Panels

Page 10 - Consoles

Page 11 - Performance Options
Hood Tachs, Shifter, Rally Gauges, Sport Steering Wheels, Alternators

Page 12 - Performance Options
Battery, Disc Brakes, Adjustable Shocls, HD Air Cleaner, Flex Fan, HD Shocks and Superlift, HD Radiator

Page 13 - Performance Options
Ram Air, Dual Exhaust, Tips, Hood Pins, Handling Package, Safe-T-Track, SJ option

Page 14 - Power Options
Power seats, steering, brakes, windows

Page 15 - Power Options
Trunk Release, Cruise, Power top, Power vents, Power Door Locks

Page 16 - Radio and Stereo
Radios and Speakers

Page 17 Radio and Sterio
Tape players, Reverb, Power Antenna

Page 18 - Station Wagon Options

Page 19 - Wheels and Wheel Covers

Page 20 - Misc Accessories
Defoggers, reclining buckets, fold down seats, tilt, vanity mirrors, tinted glass, door edge

Page 21 - Misc Accessories
Remote mirror, seat belts, speed warning, child locks

Page 22 - Misc Accessories
Vinyl top, fender skirts, clocks, seat foam, hideaway

Page 23 - Misc Accessories
License plat frame, utility lamp, lighting options

Page 24 - Misc Accessories
Air compressor, space saver spare, deluxe steering wheel, gas cap lock, fire extinguisher, luggage rack

Page 25 - Misc Accessories
Compass, Emergency Kit, Trask Can, Tissue box, floor mats

Rear Cover