Owner Photos

I've set this page aside as a repository for owner photos of '69 B-Body cars.  If you have a photo to contribute, please pass it along to me at davepl@yahoo.com

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1969 Pontiac Laurentian 427
Owner Dave
Info 1969 Laurentian, one-family car.
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1969 Pontiac 2+2 Convertible
Owner Dave
Info Original 2+2 ragtop that I purchased from Alberta.  Factory buckets and console.  Wheels are incorrect US version, as this car should have the Canadian rallaye like the Laurentian above.
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1969 Parisienne
Owner Bill Wrigley [Visit Web Site]
Info 350/300 Limelight/Midnight Green Parisienne
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1969 Laurentian
Owner Maurice Prud'homme
Info Another one-family '69 Laurentian, this one undergoing a full frame-off restoration.
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1969 Bonneville Convertible
Owner Randy
Info 428 4bbl, 400 trans., power steering., power brakes, climate control a/c, 8 track
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1969 Bonneville Convertible
Owner Doug Lee
Info Driven daily.  Has original 428 engine, auto trans with 3:42 posi. All the engine numbers match.  It is my second. I had another identical to this one I drove for 10 years. This one is real fast, and turns lots of heads.
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1969 Bonneville 428 Wagon
Owner H. Pinna
Info A low-mileage Florida car now being restored in Ontario.  Power seats, windows, cruise, A/C, tinted glass, AM/FM, rear speaker, courtesy lights galore, third seat, etc
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1969 Bonneville Convertible
Owner Michael Wallace
Info 428 4-bbl, numbers matching, power windows, locks, antenna, trunk release.  Tinted windows, AC, and rally gauges!
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1969 Pontiac 2+2
Owner Mark Hodge
Info 350/300hp 2+2, original rally wheels, triple green
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1969 Pontiac 2+2 396
Owner Some guy in Saskatchewan
Info 1969 Parisienne 2+2, 396/265, was for sale in Saskatchewan.  Its rough, but there aren't many original big-block cars with unmolested engines, so a couple photos of it are included.  Note that the hood lamp is on the passenger side, as it seems to be in all real big-block cars.  Also, the oil change sticker is on the passenger side, but this is the only time time I've seen that.
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1969 Parisienne 2+2
Owner Unknown
Info 1969 Parisienne 2+2, 350/300hp, 34000 original miles. Was up for sale on eBay.

1969 Pontiac Parisienne

Someone mailed these photos in and I'd like to return them to their owner and identify the car correctly on this page.  If its yours, please email me!

1969 Pontiac Catalina Convertible
Owner Art Fisher

This car is all original except for the correct year am/fm radio and clock that the owner has added. The car has a 400 2bbl with only the wheels and deluxe interior as options. It also has the original and working T3 headlights and Trico wipers.

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1969 Pontiac Ventura
Owner Unknown
Info Not much, but its a US car!  Appears to be a Ventura.
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1969 Pontiac 427/390 2+2 4Speed
Owner Morley Brown
Info An original 427/390 four speed 2+2.  Very tough shape, cracked firewall, rotted crossmember, etc... but quite a rare unit!
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1969 Pontiac 427
Owner Unknown
Info Sold in Alberta  Auto Trader.  I called and seller claimed it was the original engine, but I doubt a 2+2 would have a Tonawanda Chevrolet sticker...
"1969 PONTIAC 2+2, 61,000 original miles, complete car, 427 engine built by Tanawanda Chevrolet number 1 team, $4,500. Ph (780) 852-001X. Jasper."
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1969 Pontiac Ambulance
Owner Unknown
Info eBay posting said: "This is an original, complete 1969 Pontiac 5-door ambulance with a heavy duty 428 cubic inch engine, 4-barrrel carburetor. I think that behind the divider window is a sink, drawers, cabinets and a bed for patients on the right side. It has curtains and woodwork also. There's a mobile phone and a radio in the front dash. The mileage reads 39,880 (who knows)."
1969 Pontiac 2+2 Convertible
Owner Unknown - For sale in Winnipeg
Info Factory 8-track, power windows, remote mirror, and a La Cucaracha horn.  Our sources indicate the horn may be aftermarket.
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1969 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
Owner Unknown - For Sale on eBay
Info Nice triple-black car, one of the few original black cars I've ever seen.  Low options though, no AC or even power windows.
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1969 Pontiac Catalina
Owner Darren Coker
Info 38800 original miles

1969 Pontiac Bonneville
Owner Mark Koronkiewicz
Info 41000 Original mailes.  Factory 428/490, AM/FM, Rally II wheels. 

1969 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible
Owner Earl Hunter
Info 350/300, TH350, Posi... almost finished!

1969 Pontiac Bonneville
Owner Dean Svee
Info No Info Provided